Saturday April 9th Ride Cancelled

I am cancelling the ride due to the uncertainty in the weather. I would encourage all of you to attend the Earth Day Activities in Plaza park today from 11-3.

Wheels Down.

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Community Bike Ride Saturday April 9th

The City of Oxnard Environmental Resources is celebrating Earth Day 2016 on Saturday the 9th. This is a link to the webpage

This is a great opportunity to enjoy a morning ride and then check out the various offerings of the Earth Day sponsors and vendors. Do not worry about your bike. The event is providing free bike valet parking.

There will be much activity that morning. I am moving the meeting place to B and 5th in front of Starbucks. If that turns out to be inaccessible, we’ll meet at the corner of A and 5th.

If you are using a vehicle to transport your bike, you may need to park further away than normal.

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Community Bicycle Ride April 9th 2016

There will be another Community Bicycle Ride on April 9th. We’ll meet in Plaza Park by a park bench across from Starbucks. Please plan on arriving in time to depart at 10:00. The ride will be determined by the group.

The previous two rides have had great weather with cooling breezes.

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March 12th Ride is ON

It is clear, sunny and a little breezy. Start meeting around 9:30 and depart at 10:00


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Bike Ride Saturday March 12, 2016

The next Community ride will be Saturday March 4th. Gather at 9:30 and roll at 10:00 from Plaza Park.

We will choose the ride at the park. There is a possibility of rain. There will be a status post on Saturday morning to confirm a ride.

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Let’s Ride Ox City – BBQ/Potluck

There is a Oxnard Bike Community Ride/BBQ this Saturday 2/20. Details can be found in this link You may need to cut/paste the link in your browser.

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Future OxnardBicycles Bike Rides

Future rides will be on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The next ride will be on March 12th. The ride will be announced in March.

February 14’s ride had a cooling ocean breeze. The weather made it very enjoyable.

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Oxnard Community Bike Ride – February 14th

Oxnard Community Bike Ride
Sunday, February 14th
Enjoy riding Oxnard with a group!
Gather at 9:45am – Plaza Park – Start at 10am sharp
This ride will be to the Channel Islands Harbor and back.

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Bicycle Issues are Planning Issues

We believe that bicycle issues are planning issues here in Oxnard. We highly recommend if you are interested in bicycle issues from a planning perspective that you join us at

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U.S. Bicycling Participation Benchmarking Report

How many Americans ride a bike? How often do they ride? Why do they ride?

Accurate information on bicycling participation is essential in evaluating our overall work and the effectiveness of our programs and key projects. Existing research on bicycling participation has been been limited to either recreational riding or transportation riding of certain types. This new participation research, commissioned by PeopleForBikes and conducted by Breakaway Research Group, is designed to address these limitations by standardizing how participation is bicycling of any kind, by any type of rider, is measured and tracked over time.

Topline results:

• Thirty-four percent of Americans ages 3+ rode a bicycle at least one day in the past year.
• Of those who rode a bicycle, 30% rode five days or fewer.
• Those who rode for transportation are much more likely to have done so to get to and from social, recreation, or leisure activities (70%) than to have commuted to and from work or school (46%).
• Forty-eight percent of adults in the U.S. don’t have access to an operational bicycle at home.
• Fifty-four percent of adults in the U.S. perceive bicycling as a convenient way to get from one place to another and 53% would like to ride more often. However, 52% worry about being hit by a car and 46% say they would be more likely to ride a bicycle if motor vehicles and bicycles were physically separated.

Download the Report

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